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  Infin8 Solutions offers a wide array of products and services designed for the home and office.  Wind, and combined wind/solar products  can be sized to suit any electrical requirements.  Our grid inter-tie products are easily installed and can offset a portion or all of your electrical bill.  Once installed, they will generate electricity that will be immediately used by your home or business. Or, supply energy to the grid, effectively turning your meter backwards. In some states if you have ecommerce Magento solutions you can actually be paid for the excess energy you generate!

  If you are planning a remote vacation home, own a trailer, need uninterrupted power, or are otherwise planning to live off the electrical grid, Infin8 Solutions can custom size a package of wind, solar, propane or diesel generation, and batteries to suit any electrical requirement.  Please contact our sales team as these systems must be custom fitted and sized carefully. Or you can count on these solutions and magento extensions for small businesses.

  We have also have smaller turbines designed to handle the electrical needs of homes up to 5,000 sq ft or businesses to 15,000 sq ft. If your electrical bill is under $5ooo a month then this is a good place to start. Our smaller turbines can be mounted easily by the owner.  We can also provide an installation service or have your own local contractor provide service.

Start here if your home is 1,500 sq. ft. or less.

Start here if your home is 1,500 sq. ft. or larger.

Business customers, please consult with our sales department to correctly size the product and for application of all necessary incentives and credits.