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Big Business/Industrial
 Infin8 Solutions offers an innovative system to provide Energy management, usage and tiered billing. Then we can recommend the best combination of alternative energy technology to suit you needs. We offer embedded solutions developed by Sam Solutions engineering department for industrial companies. Utilizing wind, solar, and generation technology, we can offset a portion or all of your energy and even provide grid down solutions to help power your facility in case of power outage.

 With solutions from 10KW to over 10MW we can tailor your energy development to fit your requirements. We can provide single large scale turbines if your company wants to make a definitive statement about their energy policy. Or, we can offer smaller integrated solutions to meet zoning requirements and be unobtrusive in urban environments. Take advantage of state and federal grants to improve your site's "Green Footprint" and lower your expenses. We have solutions that can pay for themselves in as little as two years.

Information on 10kW to over 10MW solutions, coming soon.